8 Difficult Realities About Happiness That No One Wants to Talk About

Some people seem to be happy go lucky on the surface, but they fight desperately behind closed doors and never give the matter much thought as to why. They distract themselves with whatever it requires to drown out the truth as well as the pain about their unhappiness, or social media, or TV.

Others make lavish, life long plans based on what they have been told “should” make them joyful: “I’m going to marry the perfect man/woman, I’m going to get my dream house and also a couple autos, and I’m going to raise my children in the suburbs.” But then they wake up ten years into their strategy feeling unfulfilled and depressed.

Can you relate whatsoever? I surely can. A lot people suffer in similar manners.

As long as I am busy doing whatever it’s that diverts us from the truth – the entire truth about my happiness and myself – I go through life like stones tumbling down a mountainside. I respond to the surrounding environment and bounce, and I on with no clear idea as to where I’m headed or why.

I wake up every morning wishing I could sleep in. Afterward I begin with the leading intention to quit operating as soon as feasibly possible. My heads grow numb to the monotony of a routine that is comfy yet draining. And somewhere along the line, as each day fades into the following, I get my house (sometimes a really large one) and cars (sometimes extremely fancy ones), and I begin a family under pressure… and I don’t stop to question it all until I feel empty inside, often a decade or two after… as my grins continue to betray the sadness that I refuse to speak of, and perhaps don’t even totally understand I carry.

This is how many folks live my lives – in a state of denial. I deny the truth about how unhappy I are. I deny the reality about how distracted I are. I deny the reality about how little time and effort I put in the matters that matter most to us. And so it goes.
But the great news is, I can change.
Right here, right now, I can start by acknowledging that…

1. I often choose to focus on the wrong things – the things which DON’T make us happy. – Here’s a worldwide law of happiness and success: What you pay attention to grows! So focus on what actually matters, let go of what does not, and feel the genuine, positive poIr that flows from my choice to rise above petty distractions and all of the play.

2. Many of us don’t need more to be more happy – I need less Start subtracting, when things aren’t adding up in my life. Life gets a lot simpler and much more enjoyable when you clear the clutter (emotional and physical) that makes it unreasonably complicated.
3. my expectancies tend to get in the way of otherwise good days. – On a daily basis, wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised than disappointed? A big part of my contentment that is immediate relies on my readiness to let go of what you assumed openly and my life is imagined to be like right now appreciate it for everything that it is.

4. Most of what worries us today has definitely nothing to do with now. – If you worry about what might be or what might have been, you absolutely miss what is and will discount. Stress is the best resistance to the present moment. It does nothing but keep you very busy doing nothing worthwhile at all and steal my joy.

5. Old wounds don’t have anything related to the present possibility for happiness. – Do my best to let GO! And remember, letting go is n’t about having the capability to forget the past – it’s about having the wisdom and strength to embrace the present. You have a choice, to be mindful concerning the present or to be imprisoned by my very own negativity – to live in the past or to not be neutral and free.
6. It’sn’t what occurs, but I react that makes us or breaks us Being positive and happy will not mean ignoring the negative – being joyful and positive means overcoming the negative. There is a huge difference between the two. Actually, the biggest and most elaborate challenge you will ever have to overcome is my mind. You can overcome anything, if you’re able to beat that.
7. The draw of short term relaxation often robs us of long-term happiness. – Don’t only make the easy and safe picks because you’re frightened of what might happen; nothing good will ever occur, if you do. You can be couragous, but rarely or cozy both at once. Remember this… remember to stretch myself in the proper direction, one tiny step at a time. Don’t let complacency and fear decide my destiny. Quit talking about what you would like to do and start doing it. Laziness may appear attractive, but work that is meaningful results in well-being.

8. There are household members and friends in my lives who bring us down. – Although happiness comes from within, it’s never in my best interests to share plenty of time with individuals who constantly bring you down (even if they’re a friend or family member). Because, if you’re the kind of man who believes there’s something out there for you beyond whatever it’s you if you need to be amazing – ’re expected to do – you can’t by shackling myself to people who hold you back, get there. Alternatively, you will very probably become as common as they expect you to be. And there’s certainly no motive to do that to myself.
Closing Thoughts
At the minimum, I expect this short post reminds you to pause and ask myself…
“Am I making meaningful utilization of the special and scarce day?”
That’s an easy question I challenge you to ask themselves anytime they feel unhappiness washing over them.
Unhappiness is very often an indication that I am too busy doing the wrong things. And make no mistake about it, this sort of busyness is an extensive, modern-day affliction!
My calendars fill and my social media feeds with all kinds of busyness simply to avoid precisely where I are being still… to avoid being precisely who I are. The minute I feel not somewhat busy, I run off in the direction of the nearest shiny thing that catches my attention. And in the method, I not only pass up on the serenity and beauty which exists within myself, but I also pass up on experiencing that same serenity and beauty in the environment around us. My busyness has blinded us with “haste” and “worry,” and the never-ending need to be somewhere else, doing something different, as quickly as possible.
And that’s the real catastrophe of it: I confuse being busy with being effective. I feel a day late plus a buck short across the board, because my daily efforts are fully misaligned with my precedence.

But it doesn’t have to. Not any more…
Right now, I can slow down and face the truth.

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